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Main Incomers by Hager

Protection devices for low voltage installations

These products allow the connection, protection, breaking and switching in low voltage distribution boards.
These protection and control devices are typically used at the incoming supply of an installation for a reliable electrical system. They ensure the protection of lines and persons, as well as devices and equipment.

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

They provide safe and easy solutions for low voltage electrical circuits protection. The state of the art circuit breakers offers both designers and installers wide range of features and benefits.
Special attention has been given to ergonomics, especially with the integration of these devices in the TP&N and panelboard.
Download catalogue pages about our range of MCCBs

Air Circuit Breakers

Air Circuit Breakers are used to protect low voltage installations from 800 to 3200A. These devices feature a high level of performance in a reduced volume.

Discover orion plus

AC3 Contactors

A complete range of contactors for commercial market such as buildings, infrastructures, etc... Industrial contactors are used to switch high power circuits and can be controlled by a full range of control circuits.
Download catalogue pages about icos and cosmos

Earth Leakage Relays

Earth leakage relays ensure protection of electrical installations and protection of persons against direct and indirect contact. It also provides monitoring of earth fault currents.

Download catalogue pages about Earth Leakage Relays

Automated Transfer Switches

Automatic Transfer Switches are used for emergency power supply system to switch between two power supplies, in order to ensure continuous and reliable electrical power to critical loads.
Download catalogue pages about Automated Transfer Switches

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