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Berker KNX Pushbuttons and Visualisation
Clear & precise

There are devices which want to show everyone, all the time, what they can do. And there are those all-rounders, who hide their technical perfection and spacious insert width behind a discreet surface. These include our KNX control sections, which can be integrated easily into our switch range using simply their design or using a frame.
• Convenience functions such as centralised operation of all lights in the house and garden, simultaneous activation of lights and blinds in light scenes or central switching-off of all electrical consumers when leaving the house
• Needs-oriented single-room and time-dependent temperature control
• Central display and operating elements to control lighting, blinds or heating/air conditioning
• Control of audio and video
• KNX push-button sensors and covers available in the standard and comfort range designs
• Integration into other systems, such as IP or KNX Radio
• Exclusive design solutions
• Individually-designable visualisation solutions using touch displays, to provide the maximum of operating comfort
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Berker KNX Pushbuttons Variations